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Movie : Lovely

Rating: 3/5

Cast : Aadhi, Anchal, Shanvi,Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishore

Directed by : B.Jaya

Produced by : BA Raju

Banner : BA Arts

Music : Anoop Rubens

Release Date : 2012-03-30

Story  Line : 

Akash (Aadi ) is a practical and easy going young guy and he does not have a very good opinion about women and love stories. His friend Kittu (Vennela Kishore) is in a facebook relationship with a girl named Lalli  (Chinmayee Ghatrazu).  When the time comes to meet each other, Kittu develops cold feet and out of a fear of rejection, sends in Akash to meet Lalli.  On the other side,  Lalli decides to send her friend Lavanya

( Shanvi ) to the meeting. It is love at first sight for this ‘new’ couple and very soon, they develop a deep bond.Just when everything seems nice and rosy, Lavanya’s father Mangalampalli Maharadhi (Rajendra Prasad) enters the scene and he is not impressed with Akash’s behaviour. It is now upto Akash to convince Maharadhi to change his mind. Will Maharadhi change his mind Remaining Story ….?

Conclusion :

Aadhi has improved tremendously over his first film and he is impressive in songs and action sequences. He is now more at ease in emotional scenes and he will do well if he keeps working on it. Shanvi makes an impressive debut. She looks cute and she will do well in the industry if she can work on her acting skills a bit. There is good chemistry between the lead pair and the romantic track has been handled well. Rajendra Prasad is impressive in the role of a father. He pulls off humorous scenes as well as emotional sequences with equal ease and it is a treat to watch him. After a long time, Vennela Kishore gets a meaty role and he shines through fantastically. Chinmayee Ghatrazu steals the show with a lively performance and her Telangana accent works big time.


Paruchuri Gopalakrishna entertains in a brief role. Ahuti Prasad brings about a few laughs in a small role. The first half is breezy and moves along at a lively pace Songs have been shot well.


The climax could have been better. The ‘father – daughter’s lover’ conflict point has not been dealt with effectively and it seems a little artificial. There are some scenes where care should have been taken to avoid glaring mistakes.

The second half loses tempo and narration becomes slow. The story is also extremely predictable and there is no curiosity in the proceedings.The sentiment angle between father and daughter could have been handled better.


Cinematography is very good and the movie has pleasing visuals. Director B Jaya succeeds in maintaining good pace and tempo in the first half of the film. Dialogues are sharp and effective. Editing is neat. Aadi’s fights and dances have been choreographed impressively.


Final Verdict : 

Lovely is a movie that works mainly because of its good entertainment quotient and lively pace in the first half. The romantic track is good and the chemistry between the hero and heroine is a treat to watch. The second half is slightly slow and a better climax could have made a major difference. Overall, B Jaya succeeds in doing a good job with this movie.

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