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Movie : Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast : Prince, Nandita, Teertha and others

Directed by : Teja

Produced by : Anand Prasad

Banner : Bhavya Creations

Music : Yashwanth Nag

Release Date : 2012-04-13

Director Teja was one of the biggest brand names in Tollywood a decade ago. But a series of flop products damaged his reputation as the director and he was forced to take a break from filmmaking after disastrous Keka. He is back again with Neeku Naaku Dash Dash, which is also the same old Teja's tree in new forest

Story :-


Shiva (Prince) and Gayathri (Nandita) are workers at a yard that makes cheap liquor. They fall in love with each other. Falling in love is completely prohibited in that business and that puts the couple in trouble. Added to that Shiva steals crores of money from the liquor mafia goons for a reason. So the chase is on and like in every Teja's film the couple runs in to the forest and what happens next is left to your imagination.



Performances :-


Neku Naku introduces 42 debutants to Tollywood. The lead actor Prince is tall and handsome and has delivered a good performance as a debutant. But his acting reminds us of Mahesh Babu in certain scenes. His dances are good.

Lead lady Nanditha is convincing and she looked glamorous all the film. She pulled off her role with ease and style. Nanditha is talented and impressive.

Jai, Venu are decent and the person who has done Bapineedu role is justifying. Paruchuri Venkateswara is good. Suman Shetty needs a special mention among the cast who provided a good comic relief. Others were adequate.

The basic story line is interesting and the first half is actually not too bad.






Teja has come up with a distinct yet thin storyline of liquor mafia backdrop but the screenplay is highly predictable in the lines of his own films Jayam, Nijam, Avunnana Kadanna. Few of the scenes are too raw with rusty dialogues. The narration and presentation reminds you of the director’s routine and regular films. The first half of the movie totally reminds of Shopping Mall and Mynaa storyline but it was presented in Teja’s style. The climax is another let down and fails to grab your interest. Heroine Nanditha comes as surprise and she will have a bright future in Tollywood and apart from this, the film has hardly countable interesting scenes.



Technical Analysis :-


Yashwant Nag's music is passable. "Maa orri dash gadu" song is catchy and entertaining. Background score was done by Anup Rubens and he did a pretty decent job. Rasool's cinematography is an asset. Teja himself being a cinematographer, his films always have good visuals. Editing is alright. Dialogues are not up to the mark.

As a director Teja did an average job. There were few instances where he showed few sparks from his brilliant past, but on a whole he is yet to get into form. Teja should have come up with a better story and screenplay after taking a big gap. Instead he tried to play it safe. He doesn't have that extraordinary story narrating skills anymore. Those intelligent scenes which used to arrest the audiences are completely missing.



Final Verdict


A regular & routine Teja film &  still in 'Jayam' mode! 


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