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Movie : DISCO

Rating: 1.5/5

Cast : Nikhil, Sarah Sharma, Ashish Vidhyardi, Ali, Khayyum, Vijay Sai, MS Narayana and others

Directed by : Hari K\' Chanduri

Produced by : Abhinav Reddy

Banner : Style Entertainments

Music : Mantra Anand

Release Date : 2012-04-20

Story Line :

Disco (Nikhil) is a happy go lucky guy, who does everything for friendship. He settles the marriage of his friend (Vijay Sai) with a rich girl and goes to Bangkok for bachelor party. There he bumps into Shiny (Sarah Sharma) and falls in love with her. She is the daughter of a big mafia don Bhai (Ashish Vidyardhi). What happens to Disco's love for Shiny forms rest of the story.


Conclusion :                                                                                                                  


Nikhil is not a bad actor. He has energy and confidence to pull off a character with ease. But he should do films that suit his tiny frame. He looks very annoying in so called mass scenes. He lacks the power and punch to do such massive action scenes. Also he imitates a lot. There is so much influence of Pawan Kalyan and Raviteja on him. Sarah Sharma is one of the biggest minuses of this film. She neither has looks nor talent. Ashish Vidhyardhi tries to entertain but fails. Ali is fine. MS Narayana is okay in his small role. Raghu Babu and the friends gang are alright.


Anand's music is not good. There is not a single song that will be remembered. Background score is bad too. Malhar's cinematography is fine for a film made on shoestring budget. Editing is poor. Dialogues written by Satish lacks punch and not up to the mark.


Director Hari tried to imitate his guru Puri Jagannadh. Hero characterization and few comedy scenes are straight out of Puri's book. But Hari is not Puri to pull off a film with racy screenplay and crisp editing. Hari failed in every aspect as the director. He should come up with a solid show to grab the attention of film lovers.


Disco is a routine film with ordinary script. The script fully banks upon few twists in the second half. First hour is a sheer pain to watch. Most of the scenes are not connected and suddenly bumps out of nowhere. We get our answers for that confusion in the second half, but that doesn't nullify the pain we have gone through until then.



Second half runs on a super predictable note and one has to wait until the titles roll on by guessing the next scenes. This is one of the films that make audiences feel like better writers and directors. Climax of the movie is awful at the best. Sudden change in Ashish is silly. That is done simply to avoid a massive fight in the climax. For that we have to thank the director.


Disco will be liked by few sleepyheads because it is the film that doesn't puzzle you even if you doze off for an hour or so. The story will be floating at the same point and you will immediately connect with the scenes and follow the flow without much trouble. So this is a movie that could be prescribed for good afternoon nap.


Making the film on a low budget is the only plus point for the producer. He should be out with less loss. But most of the audiences will be left lifeless for going through this endless torture called Disco.


Final Verdict : 

Nikhi Shoul Concentrate On Film Selection, Stay Back from 'Disco' 

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