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Movie : Dammu

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast : Jr.NTR, Trisha, Karthika

Directed by : Boyapati Srinu

Produced by : Alexander Vallabha

Banner : Creative Commercials Media

Music : MM.Keeravani

Release Date : 2012-04-27

Story Line :

Movie starts with the rivalry between Suman ( Vasi Reddy) family and Nasser family. Both families indulge in killing others for the supremacy in the village. In the process, everyone in Vasi Reddy family dies making Nasser uncontested villain of the village for the next twenty five years.


Twenty five years passes, Veera Durgam (Kota) adopts Rama Chandra (NTR) an orphan in the city and introduces him to the family and villagers as Vijaya Dwaja Simha , a heir to Vasireddy family. Now it is turn of Vijaya Dwaja Simha to live up to the expectations of family members and villagers.


Rest of the story is how Vijaya Dwaja Simha wins the heart of the people and stops the killings in the village.



Conclusion : 

NTR is terrific as Rama Chandra and Vijaya Dwaja Simha. The script demands a one man show and NTR fully justifies it.  He is at his usual best when it comes to dialogue delivery or giving expressions. He carried the heavy weight role with ease.  The dialogue about his political aspiration will please his fans.


Trisha looked older to NTR  while Karthika oozed extra oomph. Both are limited to couple of scenes and songs.


Nasser acted well in villain role. Kota is usual in grandfather role.  Suman and Bhanu Priya acted well in couple of scenes. Venu acted in brother in law role. Ali and Brahmanandam failed to tickle the audience rib bones.


Ahuti Prasad, Vijay Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Ranganath will just a add to the cast list.


Boyapati chose a tried and tested story to elevate the image of NTR. The screenplay runs on predictable note. Boyapati Seenu gave mass treatment to a rather simple story. There are enough mass elements to satisfy NTR fans. He is able to show the two different shades of NTR very well. His direction is good in high voltage drama scenes.


Keeravani music is good. Background score should have been better in action sequences. Re-recording is good. O Lilly, Vasthu babgundi with four heroines are visually good while Ruler song disappoints. Choreography is good.


Ram Laxman composed high energetic action sequences. Unfortunately, bloodshed is high. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson is topnotch. M.Ratnam dialogues are powerful and suited very well for the stature of NTR.


First thing first, ‘Dammu’ failed to reach the high expectations. Weak story coupled with predictable screenplay hamper the success of the movie at the box office. Boyapati tried to give a message about value of the life in the climax made it weak.


On the positive side, Boyapati should be commended for the way he elevated NTR. The mass elements in the movie will be a feast to NTR fans and for those who like high voltage drama. Unfortunately, director failed to etch any other character well. Lack of drama, comedy, and excessive violence make the movie appeal to a particular section of the audiences.



Final Verdict :

The movie success depends on how mass audience receives the movie. It all the way only NTR ‘Dammu’.

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