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Movie : Uu Kodatara Ulikki Padatara

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast : Balakrishna,Manchu Manoj,Deeksha Seth,Panchi Bora

Directed by : Sekhar Raja

Produced by : Lakshmi Manchu

Banner : Manchu Entertainments Banner

Music : Bobo Shashi

Release Date : 2012-07-27

Story Line :

Narasimha Rayudu (Bala Krishna), the heir of Gandharva Mahal makes his sister wed Bhoopathi (Sonu Sood) and gives away the half of his wealth and the Gandharva Mahal to them. But Bhoopathi, who is already in love with Amruthavalli (Lakshmi Prasanna), a prostitute’s daughter kill his wife for the former. Narasimha Rayudu tries to stop the cruelty of Bhupathi by killing him as he feels Gandharva Mahal should be respected but in the process he leaves his life. Coming out of the flashback, Prabhu is the son of Narasimha Rayudu, who wants to give away the Gandharva Mahal to his elder daughter’s husband as dowry gift but the issue is Bhoopati’s soul lives in the mahal and causes problems. How do these problems gets solved forms the crux of Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara.

Conclusion :

Manchu Manoj looks are distinct but his performance is good in the action scenes as well as in the comedy. The action scenes were choreographed by him. However, his expressions are a bit over in the negative role in the first half.


Bala Krishna is perfect in the role of Narasimha Rayudu and despite small role the entire story revolves around his character. He makes an action-packed entry and he looked absolutely regal in the film and his dialogue delivery is at best.


Deeksha Seth looked pretty but her performance is not up to the mark and she is expressionless in most of the scenes and there is no grace in her dances.


Lakshmi Manchu yet again proves she is a decent actress and her performance in the climax is appreciable. Suhasini, Bhanu Chander, Sai Kumar and Prabhu made their presence felt with small roles. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Raghu Babu managed to bring few laughs. Sonu Sood and Ajay are impressive.


Director Shekar Raja came up with a distinct subject but the debutant failed in narrating the complicated subject. Such fantasies need taut screenplay and convincing narration but UKUP lacked in these. Direction is pretty average. Bobo Sasi music is letdown and except a couple of songs not many are pictured well. Chinna background score is impressive. Cinematography by Rajsekhar is n top notch; dialogues are not impressive. Art work is extra-ordinary. Production values of Manchu Entertainments banner are rich.


First half of the film moves at a slow pace with few boring scenes though manages to create curiosity before the pre-interval block. The pace picks up with Bala Krishna’s entry in the movie. Bala Krishna’s character was the real highlight of the film. Music by Bobo Sashi is pretty average and the choreography is not up to par. UKUP suffers with slow pace and screenplay. Editing could have been much better especially in the first half. Second half starts off with good pace and the climax episode has shaped up well and it plays crucial in UKUP success. Manoj and Lakshmi Prasanna along with Bala Krishna delivered good performances in the climax episode.


Final Verdict :

UKUP is worth a watch for the power-packed performances of Bala Krishna and Lakshmi Manchu…

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