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Movie : Srimannarayana

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast : Bala Krishna,Isha Chawla,Parvathi melton

Directed by : Ravi Kumar Chavali

Produced by : Ramesh Puppala

Banner : Yellow Flowers

Music : Chakri

Release Date : 2012-08-30

Story Line :

Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is journalist by profession and is son of Narayana Murthy (Vijay Kumar) who is a village head and is known for his good deeds. Meanwhile, Swapnika (Parvati melton), a TV reporter of channel6 competes with the powerful journalist Srimannarayana but ends up falling in love with him. Sriman gets engaged to Bhanumathi (Isha Chawla) his Maradhalu.


To improvise living conditions of village people, Narayana Murthy raises funds with the name Jai Kissaan trust and gathers 5000 crore rupees but he gets killed by Bank officer Rajan Mudaliar (Kota Srinivas Rao) and gang sand traps Srimannarayana landing him in Jail for a scam. Sriman takes the help of Swapnika for fighting against the villains by executing his plans from jail to fulfill his father’s dream.


Conclusion  :

Bala Krishna is energetic as usual and is terrific in his dialogue deliveries. He tried out distinct steps in the movie but he should have taken care on his costumes and wigs so as to suit his age. Action sequences are neatly choreographed.


Parvati Melton is slim and lean and oozed out glamour, performance wise she is okay in her limited role. Isha Chawla is good looking and has the right sex appeal but had nothing much for performance. She looked glamorous in songs.


Vijay Kumar has done justice to the role, Kota Srinivasa Rao Supreeth, Suresh, Rao Ramesh, and Nagineedu in villain roles are convincing, Duvvasi Mohan is entertaining, MS Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan are regular and others did their bit required.


Cinematography is good and colorful. Chakri’s musical scores are mediocre but he impresses with the background score in the action sequences. Script is outdated and direction is good in parts. Editing by Gautham Raju is crisp, dialogues entertains mass crowds but looked silly at times. Fight master does a good job. Costume designer fails as the look in the songs does not suit Bala Krishna.


Ravi Chavali has made the film incorporating ample commercial elements that entertains fans but the story lacks freshness as the script is outdated. Director failed to incorporate novelty in the screenplay. Bala Krishna carried off the film quite well, and action scenes are good and dialogues work well for B, C centers audiences but the director failed to etch the characterizations of the villains that made the film lookun interesting. The first half of the film is slow paced and the story picks up in the pre-interval episodes and the second half moves on a routine note with a predictable climax. Preditable storyline and inconsistent screenplay with lack of conviction in narration are the minus points of Srimannarayana.


Final Verdict :

Old Pickle in new Container, Screenplay Pretty Predicable,  Fans may pull out of flop . 

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