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Movie : Life Is Beautiful

Rating: 3.25/5

Cast : Amala Akkineni,Shriya,Anjali Zaveri

Directed by : Sekhar Kammula

Produced by : Sekhar Kammula

Banner : Amigos Creations PVT Limited

Music : Mickey J Meyer

Release Date : 2012-09-14

Story Line :

Story is set in a sunshine colony with Gold phase block and B phase block. Srinu (Abhijith), Sathya (Rashmi) and Chinni are children of Amala, who are sent to their maternal grandparents. They soon become friends with Abhi (Kaushik) and Nagraj (Sudhakar) and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. While these belong to B phase block, they have a long time rivalry with the rich kids of Gold Phase block. Meanwhile, Paru (Shriya), a soft girl who aims to become Miss India is admired by Abhi while Srinu falls in love with Paddu (Shagun). Nagraj loves Lakshmi (Zara) and has a crush on Maya Aunty (Anjala Zaveri), a beautician. The story takes turns with the increasing rivalry between B phase and Gold phase youngsters and the conflicts occur in their love life. Meanwhile, Srinu and his friends come to know about the shocking fact of his mother Amala. The rest of the proceedings form the crux.


Conclusion :

All the debutants who had done the main roles Abijeet, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun, Zara, Rashmi, Kavya, Naveen, Vijay, Sanjeev and Sriram had delivered their best with the convincing performances.

However, Amala Akkineni steals the show despite having limited scenes. She is natural in acting and is definitely the best part of LIB. Shiya Saran is hot and bagged good amount of role than the glamorous Anjala Jhaveri.

Sekar Kammula excelled in the department of direction but the tempo in the narration drops at places. His way of story-telling taking simple youth characterizations and showing the beautiful human relations is excellent. Cinematography is visually rich. Editing could have been much better. The run length is 169 minutes which turned out to be negative for the film. Dialogues are situational and attract the youth. Micky J Meyer’s music is good and the background score is an asset.

Being Sekhar Kammula’s movie, the expectations were quite high among the audiences since he is a good writer and has the knack of dealing fresh, simplistic and natural happenings beautifully. But Life is beautiful lacks freshness as it makes you remember his Happy Days all through the first half. The scenes between the gold phase and B-phase the cricket match et al reminds you of senior-junior scenes in Happy Days. Screenplay has gone for a toss and the pace drops at many times. Editing could have been much better in the first half and many silly scenes should have been chopped off. Though the first half reminds you of Happy Days at times, it is passable with cool scenes and the pace in the second half is more focused on conflicts in love and life and the narration here is slow paced. Lengthy second half, weak screenplay are the negatives of the film.

The climax is an asset for the film which is packed with the mother sentimental scenes that came out well. Amala is superbly natural actor and she has dealt them with such ease. The montages in the ‘Amma..’ song were captured well. LIB might have done wonders if the silly episodes could have been chopped off.


Final Verdict :

Some Heart Touchings,  Nothing But beautiful, Smells flavor of Happy Days, Worth  watch.

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