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PRIYAmaina Ammayi ki RANA Abhayahastham

When you are born in a powerful and influential family you are gifted with some fringe benefits. And if you hail from a family like Daggubati then such privileges are double. And that is one reason why Daggubati Rana has been pulling strings wherever he wants and for whomever he wants.


Well, reports are making rounds that Rana has offered his blessings to the hot girl Priya Anand. Apparently, Priya made her debut along with Rana in the film ‘Leader’ and given Rana’s popularity among women, it is heard that he has been in ‘touch’ with Priya since then. Now, it is heard that he has gone ahead and got her a biggie.


Buzz is that Priya has bagged a three film deal in Bollywood and the credit for that should be given to Rana as he pulled few strings. Those who heard this are saying that the interest that Rana shows in blessing his lady friends, if he could put that towards his acting and body language then things would be much better.