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Tollywood Babe Out from Adult Movie

Many Telugu girls are giving ample peeks of skin but failing on the expression part these days. Popular yet unsuccessful Telugu beauty Veda's case is the best example.


In fact, this sensuous beauty is roped in for an art-movie that falls in 'adult category'. The movie deals with the story of famous novel 'Maidanam' written by Chalam. The lead woman of this flick is said to be involving in a couple of extra marital affairs at the same time and need to showcase deepest emotions. Veda, who is roped in to justify this role was out of this movie after three days of shoot, says a Film Nagar source. They are saying that Veda failed to get right sensuous and erotic expressions in some dark scenes.


Cine lovers are saying that this happened for the good of Veda, as acting in this flick will push her into a complete B-grade list. On the flip side, she might have missed an award winning opportunity too!