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Tollywood TARA Can Get Out-of Kingfisher Crisis

The household name of Andhra Pradesh is creating jitters in the state with some heavy presence in media these days. Her moves are intended to create vast funds which she is thinking to invest in film industry.


Tara Chowdary says that she is enjoying the fame she got now though she got it through a bad way. Even while staying in lock-up, the sex-scandal lady revealed nothing to the court or police but is opening her mouth in media now. They say that she is getting lot of attention from big-wigs because of these TV shows by which she is raising funds. They are ready to invest in some new 'ventures' of this unsuccessful actress, while what those 'ventures' are still not known to anyone.


People are joking in Film Nagar that Tara Chowdary will one day get a potential to save even Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher airlines from crisis. As a matter of fact, HRC is not taking the cases lodged by Tara and if law should punish this lady is not excusable.