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”TV anchor” caught with boyfriend in hotel room By Hubby

TV anchor Jhansi who recently applied for a divorce petition against her husband Jogi was caught with her boyfriend in a hotel room in an obscene position. Jhansi who has a three year old daughter has filed for a divorce against her hubby due to some differences. Some even say that her husband thinks that she was having an affair with Hero Jagapathi Babu and so on suspicious background always harassed her. Though the affair with Jagapathi babu proved untrue recently on Saturday her husband caught Jhansi in a hotel room having sexual pleasure with her boyfriend. This was recorded by her husband and it is reported that very soon he is going to file a petition against her in order to take the custody of his child who is under the care of her mother.

According to close sources to the couple, Jhansi earns around 5 lakhs per month from her TV shows and also a Studio and this brought some differences between her husband and her. Later on unable to bear the harassment of her husband’s suspecting nature, she applied for a divorce. Adding to this her father who is a technician in the film industry also supported her daughter’s decision. But, Jhansi latest act in the hotel room seeking sexual pleasure from her boyfriend made her a villain in her daughter’s life and with the video tape her husband is going to reveal it in the court in order to get the custody of their only daughter.

But some sources of the hotel staff say that, this was the plan hatched by Jogi, in order to defame her and the so called boyfriend in the hotel room was a paid male prostitute. But Jogi denies that his wife was in relationship with her boyfriend from the past 3 years and her boyfriend supported her financially in establishing a studio. In return Jhansi was pleasuring him with sexual favors. No matter what is the truth behind it, the couple is making a hell of their lives in front of the media and world and it is wise to settle their scores privately. Other wise their life will become masala news to the gossip mongers through the media.


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